Reviews for "Acid Bunny"

great game but the balloon part nothing happens thats y a 4stars

SeethingSwarm responds:

Oh no, was there some sort of glitch? I wish you could have explained a little bit more. I assume you are talking about one of the balloon rooms that works like a jumping castle? What do you mean with "nothing happens"? Did you get stuck in the room? Maybe try to start over, the glitch probably won't happen again, because it seems like an extremely rare one.

Anyway, thanks for still giving me such a nice score even though you ran into a glitch that seems to break the game. Glad you liked it!

I was very pleasantly surprised.
After watch the title and the intro I would have thought that it was some crude teenage humor game without some solid, original or variative gameplay. The opposite was the case.
The music, graphics and the details were all great; including the bonus stages.

There were a few glitches:
1) One could use the mine car if jumping correctly in areas which were probably not foreseen; but that wasn't really a bug, but more a (probably even intended?) feature
2) Sometimes the character did not turn right away from one in the other direction in the end boss fight when throwing carrots, despite pressing the correct key (which resulted in carrot loss)

Furthermore I would suggest
a) providing a hint that it's possible to jump farther if you run
b) adding some hints with the whip usage like putting a sign next to it, "do not jump from moving whip! you might get thrown far away."
Especially the usage of the whip was not so obviously intuitive at all.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for the great review and the 5 stars! I know what you mean with Acid Bunny not being able to turn around immediately when hitting the ground. He first does a little hop and then you can move around properly again, but I think I will change that in the next episode and make it easier for the players to control the character. Thanks for mentioning it! I'm not sure what you mean with the mine car, so it must be a glitch, sorry :P ...and I guess with the "whip" you mean the Swing? Yeah, I guess the swing is a little bit tricky to use. It was quite difficult for me to make it work. I've never done anything like that before, and I'll see what I can do to improve it for the second episode :)

This was quite an enjoyable game. The one part I'm having trouble with is when I'm jumping on the red balloons. I believe I have to get seven of them in a row, which is quite difficult, especially considering how I accidentally incapicated one of the guys working on changing their color. The artwork was great in this. The sounds and everything else were nice too. It was a lot easier to just jump on the enemy's head.

Bunnies seem to get involved in a lot of gross stuff. I appreciate how there was a lot going on with the carrots, hearts, and pieces of string. I skipped the opening cutscenes. Sorry, if there's no medal for watching them, I'm not interested. It is a very good game.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the feedback, very useful! I would think that incapacitating one of your friends in the balloon room would make it a bit easier, because they won't jump onto any balloons that you've already made the right color.... but maybe I was wrong. I find it very sad that people nowadays need to get an achievement for everything, even for watching the introduction. I mean, shouldn't you watch the intro because you want to, rather than for getting a pat on the back for doing so? I guess that's just me, but I think achievements should be reserved for actual achievements. Anyway, thanks for the constructive criticism and I will keep these things in mind for future projects! Sorry if I seem arrogant or that I do not respect your opinions, I just do not agree with a few of them, but I'll keep them in mind. Thanks for the nice score! :)

Fresh and addicting

SeethingSwarm responds:

Nice, thank you!!! :)

Amusing game, though a lot of fiddly controls, the screen switching can be a real pain in the bum sometimes and falling can be very punishing sometimes, falling to the beginning of the lvl having to start all over again. Also on thing that bothered me, picking up a mushroom while having the balloons makes them go away which is really annoying. Nontheless, funny game and the photoalbum is nicely done. A small variety in mini-games would been nice, changing balloons isnt all that fun after 5 times.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for the feedback and constructive criticism, glad you liked it! :)