Reviews for "Road of the Dead 2"

WOOOW!!! EXELENT!!!!!! IT'S A HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111 :DDDDDDDDDDDD
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!


Just to do you a favor Evil-Dog, I'ma be your tech support guy.

To clear the cache, easiest way to do so is to press Ctrl + H, press clear browsing data, and only select the option "Clear the cache".

To get unlimited save data, right click the game screen(after of course you punch yourself repeatedly after seeing how simple clearing the cache was), click on settings, and click on the middle icon. From there, drag the arrow to the furthest notch on the right, so it says unlimited.

Now please, give this gifted game maker a fucking break.

Evil-Dog responds:

Lol thanks man

AMAZING!!!!road of the dead 1 was just pure awesome and now road of the dead 2 is mind-blowing! ALSO while playing the game turn off the music and play the zombie escape the tower soundtrack IT PERFECTLY BELNDS IN with road of the dead 2!!! :D

when is the next one? i wont it now!!!!!!!! all five man just damn.................