Reviews for "Road of the Dead 2"

I liked it!

I liked, that if You let one of zombies get inside, You would hear Your currently equipped weapon being fired a few times.

I loved the chopper part, upgrades made sense.

My favourite weapon was of course lmg, I only used smg when I was completly out of ammo or had a clinger and wouldn't reload lmg on time. Combat shotgun was crappy.

By the way guys are tough - mutants can run faster than a car, jump higher than a gazelle on steroids, and when they grab one of soldiers, not only they don't manage to instantly break their arms, but get punched in the face and die! I think a knife stab or a pistol shot from the driver in a quick time event would suit better.

Also it would be nice if shooting of both of zombie's arms would also get it of Your car - that way disposing of helmet using zombies would be easier and more fun.

Art was really great, I also liked that You could rescue some civilians, instead of egoistically leaving them to their doom in first part. Even if You know, that the city is going to be nuked.

Good work!

Evil-Dog responds:

They dont die from the punch or elbow, they come back right away

wow man you guys did a really great job, the only thing is, that my controls keep freezing and i cant move anymore causing me to crash into almost anything in my path. i tried that arrow keys method but it didnt work this bug caused me to die almost 5 times by now

This is truly a great sequel. Although its a heavy one, the game itself is rewarding. You guys outdid yourself within the capabilties of Flash Gaming. We hope to see more from your team soon.

Great game, the last couple of levels were really pumped. Adding Range of the Dead, to Road of the Dead, was brilliant. Bit slow to load at the start but worth it. Good voice acting, not too laggy on my computer, and good fun.

One of my favorite games