Reviews for "Road of the Dead 2"

i can't believe it, it's finally here, and it's awesome!
just there is a few bugs, i've died a bunch of times because the controls sometimes freezes, specially when there's 2 zombies on the hood. also would be nice some kind of a velocimeter to see how fast are we going.

Road of the Dead Returns in one hell of a fun bloodbath of a sequel!

It's arguable whether or not this beats the predecessor by a ton but it's safe to say fans of the previous such as myself will not be disappointed. Hell that reminds me I still haven't beaten the first one yet. Love the massive amount of upgrades, character balancing, and hell it may just be one of the finest looking Driving games Nedwgounds has ever gotten not to mention it's FPS so that's saying something. With that said this game is gonna keep me busy for a while so I'm gonna get back to it. In short Two Thumbs up!

Move it Cocheta!!!

This was really awesome, big fan of all you work Evil-Dog! Here's hoping for a sequel!!! :D

This game is awesome and harks back to the days when we were young and NG was cool, wild, adult and underground--not the mainstream it is today. The NG today has its charms but I will sacrifice my first born to resurrect the old NG. All my five belongs to SickDeathFiend's incredible game!

LOCKS UP!! Locks up in Chrome, no apparent reason for it.