Reviews for "Road of the Dead 2"

this would make a great animation series/movie, good work!

IS THE BEST but i touch a little bit and i blow and can you minus the minutes of the end

Amazing game, even better than the first, simply love it. I can't find anything wrong with it other than the fact that it takes quite some time to slow down to take some heavily required items.

Non the less, flawless game, could even become something bigger, and even 3D. Hell, even more if you'd put effort and get enough people to work with it. We need more!

Also, make an achievement called "Dead Space" as you can dismember the zombies, just as a reference to the franchise and it just containing the big fact of having to cut off the limbs before killing them. :3

SickDeathFiend responds:

thanks glad you liked it. We had a 3rd one in mind but EvilDog isn't Indy anymore so time will tell if we do it someday.

love this game, but anybody knows how to play it with a gamepad? thx

I love this game