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Reviews for "Road of the Dead 2"

So freaking AWESOME!!! Now this is a real good zombie game

Is it october 2012 already?

Good game, Marco, and everybody else that worked on it!

Now maybe we can go celebrate with a beer, yes? (You owe me one)

^best review ever^

Good game but I like the first one better. Because I find it kind of hard controlling 2 people at once.

Oh man this turned out awesome! everyone did amazing on the voice acting, and the game plays great!

Everything is very responsive, and the game is easy to play, but provides unique challenges. It's so different from the first, it's really refreshing for a sequel to actually feel different from the original instead of it just adding some upgrades, or something else that doesn't make it feel like a new experience. Huge kudos to the programmers, artists, and writers. You all did a great job.

The campaign editor was a great addition, I can't wait to see what people do with it!

It's amazing how much content you could fit in this game and keep it so small. Awesome job on that, can't wait for the next game!

"Worth the wait" - Gaben