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Reviews for "Road of the Dead 2"


very well done I love the game

This REMAINS the single greatest game ever made in Flash and I have yet to see a good enough contender. I would pay for a steam release of the trilogy of these.

Have to change it again,
so now after I changed the settings I'm gonna tell you what's wrong with the actual gameplay.
While the first game was a lot of fun with driving over the zombies, it's less fun being way slower without driving over zombies, shooting them, at least for me.
The recommended settings sure make it better, but it's still janky.
I still like it, but Cocheta saying "DON'T LET THEM ON THE HOOD" for the thousands time can get annoying.

I love this game! Truly one of the greatest flash game i have ever played. I do really hope we will get a third episode