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Reviews for "Road of the Dead 2"

Great game. I would love to give it 5 stars because every thing about this game is great but one gigantic major flaw. Every now and then the controlles will freeze up and you can't move the car at all, and that gets worst when you are in the city and the controles freeze up and keeps ramming you again and again and again it to the sides of buildings until you destory your car. If you can fix that one flaw I would love to get rid of my review make a new one with 5 stars but the control freezing issue is too much in a game where you need quick movement to surive. But putting that aside, the game is great. The controls are very sharp, when not freezing. I like how both people have there own set of weapons so it doesn't feel like your just doing everything again with just the voices being flipped when starting a new one with the other driver. Its a great game. I would love you can fix that one major flaw, and then it would be perfect.

excellent game. the sequel is the best out of the first one!

Great game, but WAY too demanding on my computer. One zombie on my hood would make steering and shooting impossible long after I shot it off.

good this game was awesome make more .3.!

ah it took me a lot of time to finish this because every time zombies get at the hood you cant see anything and you get crushed