Reviews for "Road of the Dead 2"

Very good sequel, new modes are really good, the alpha mutant is quite a challenge at first but i really liked it, oh and the hockey masks on friday 13th and madness zombies speak highly of the team behind the game.

Great game realy!

I've never been sold so quickly on a flash game... I was hesitant at the Her Weapons / His Weapons screen... I thought it was going to be jankity, as I like to say. I was wrong, tho! Once I got the hang of what was going on, this game was pretty fun. Sadly I just picked up a new game for ps3 and was waiting for it to install, so I had to cut my time short, but this is awesome, and could actually see this being brought to a more serious platform, like a full pc/mac game, smart phone, or even a console, if only a XBL arcade or PSN game.

Good job, I loved this game. Great. It's even more fun when you drive and a friend shoots.

I love the fact of we're celebrating madness day 2013, Evil-Dog made faces of some zombies out of the madness series, that is fucking awesome!