Reviews for "Road of the Dead 2"

lol here's the rage quit youtube.com/watch?v=GCHOAzsyz0w

Goddammit. I usually don't login to Newgrounds, but this "sequel" to a series that I used to love has disappointed some very high expectations and this needs to be said.

One: This game is buggier than Daggerfall and a cheap apartment building run by the greediest of slumlords. It's not just as simple as setting storage to unlimited and setting repeat delay to very slow, you will still freeze up at certain points during the game, which brings me to-

Two: This game still has frequent lag spikes, even when setting quality to low, turning off music/sounds and turning off zombie tints. In fact, I was just toggling the quality and I see no significant difference between low/med/high. Really, what is the point of this function when the graphics are still set very close to high?

And by the way, if you don't want to read spoilers about this game, then cover up three through five and read underneath it.

Three: The first protagonist was an extremely resourceful and mechanically-inclined punk who knew that if you ran out of ammo, then you could still start swinging. (Of course, bites on his fists are also probably how he got infected.) These two new guys? "Oh hey, we're supposedly two trained soldiers packing more heat than the last guy, but we don't got the sense to carry a knife or something, in case we run out of ammunition! If we didn't have our magical infinite ammo pistol, we'd be DOOOOOOOOOMED!" Am I really supposed to believe that two trained soldiers are stupider, lazier and weaker than one mechanic?

Four: At least 35% of the time, the mouse will lag while you are shooting. It is not a case of it going off-screen, it WILL lag. The ammo also packs very little power, I think headshots might make a difference, but if it does, then I can't tell the difference. A better way to save your ammo and not waste those precious few seconds where you need to see what is on your screen is to bump into a building, which is less destructive than say, crashing into a vehicle, especially the ones that are on fire. Mailboxes and gnomes won't make a difference. If you can't find buildings because you're in a park or an alley, use benches/trees/sides of dumpsters instead.

Five: Stopping for upgrades/meds/ammo is not even worth it. "We're sitting ducks here, just go!" with three zombies right in front of you is a common occurrence in-game, you are better off abusing the steer function near clusters of military vehicles, schoolbuses, spike strips, mines, etc. so you don't catch on fire, hunting out water barrels (if you want to smash zombies fast enough so they don't mount your hood, you will not have time to shoot fire hydrants) in an OCD fashion and mostly driving fast enough to make a normal person hurl (stop near clusters of vehicles), so a zombie doesn't mount you in the first place. That way, you'll be mostly focused on avoiding vehicles, walls, spike strips, mines, etc.

Okay spoiler-avoiders, you can start reading again below this sentence.

Eventually, if you don't get frustrated with the bugs, the lags and the incompetence of your characters and just outright quit to replay the first game (the graphics for the first game, along with the zombie pet game, DID have a significant difference in graphics [and in turn, performance] when you toggled the quality.), you will eventually pass through the hordes of idiot livings, the annoying deads and all the obstacles and eventually win this game.

Please understand: I do love this series and I think the creator has talent, I would not have logged in to review otherwise.

ya know this wasnt that bad btw this is dynamite (gawley or cheatlikeachamp)\

love the game but i just wish the i wouldn't get spammed with mutants and carpet bombs every 5 seconds . in closing love the game but would give it 5 stars if there were less mutants and bombing runs

You get only 4 1/2 start because you have a competitor in the most addicting game I've found lately... I've been playing ROTD2 for about three weeks whenever I get spare time. Except split 50/50 with "Cursed Treasure 2" by IriySoft.

I love your game just as much as CT2 for the same reason: The upgrades. His game is a tower defense game; yours is kinda like a zombie survival / RPG / action adventure game. But the intensity of each game... That's what I love.

4.5 stars, 5 Vote, Favorite. Keep up the awesome work.