Reviews for "Road of the Dead 2"

I smell sequel coming, if you do this do you plan on using new characters, or continuing the story of the soldiers, or the first one? Or better yet since your awesome and all I bet you can do both. that speaks game of the year on here for a very very long time :)

I don't see Perfect Soldier and medal working....
Is hummer upgradable? the Perfect Soldier medal say "fully UPGRADE THE HUMMER, perks and soldier"

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah stop at a garage for the hummer upgrade but I hear the medal isn't working I'll be checking this bug very soon

Everyone needs a little zombies in their day 5 Stars.


Wow, it's been awhile since I made a review on anything, and this one definitely deserves one!

It's great to see a sequel to this game, especially since I enjoyed the first RotD a lot. It's great to see the new concept of the game and how the story integrates itself with the original (even if the cameo of the first game's main character only showed up for a little awhile. xD)

One of the things I liked that this game picked up was the idea of a one-man co-op team. I was a bit hesitant at first to utilize it because the time it took to switch between characters was a bit too long for my taste, but once I discovered all the perks you could buy, it became like clockwork to use swapping so that I could perform better on challenges and was vital to succeed in hardcore mode.

I will have to admit though that I would have liked to see more variety in the weapons for each character. One of the two would carry the more powerful weapons, yet slower to use weapons while the other would carry faster to wield, but weaker weapons. (Sure Cocheta used the LMG and Diane used the Assault Rifle, but I'm talking like some REAL variety) For instance, Cocheta could use a magnum-like weapons, whether it be hand-held or sniper-like (maybe hand-held since sniper rifles while in a moving car sounds unrealistic) that can 2 shot mutants, and could also maybe use a chainsaw or flamethrower for the clingers, cause you can't have a zombie apocalypse without chainsaws and more fire, right? Diane could use the SMG-related weapons and also use a variety of other faster-reload weapons so that Diane and Cocheta can have unique roles to play in each other's survival throughout the game. Maybe even make it where doing certain tasks would be faster to do for one person than for the other, like Diane could complete civilian rescue tasks faster than Cocheta, and Cocheta can complete ammo scavenging tasks faster than Diane. Just some suggestions. :P

One thing this game desperately needed though was multi-queuing. During the harder parts of the game, I stop by a police station or church to stock up on things, only to realize that after I pick up one item, I literally have to wait anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes to pick up another items cause the massive line of zombies waiting in front of my car are just waiting for the zombie in front of them to die after clinging onto my hood. Unsure if anyone else has mentioned this, but the game has it so that after I kill a clinger on my hood, the hitbox of clinger tends to linger for quite a bit after the animation of the zombie starts sliding off the hood, making it near impossible to kill any zombie behind the clinger, THEREFORE, allowing the zombie behind the clinger to then cling onto my hood right after the first zombie completely falls off my hood. I eventually got rid of this entire problem by buying the mounted rocket launcher, but during my first run through on the original campaign and first run through on hardcore mode of this game, it was a disaster trying to buy multiple things from the same building.

I'm a pretty patient fella, so when I did notice that the heavy resource-sapper of a game that this turned out to be was causing my game to lag, I just refreshed my browser after I reached a checkpoint in which the lag started to become fairly heavy, but from what I saw in an earlier review, I wouldn't mind trying to play this game again on Steam if it ever makes it onto there.

Despite the problems I did encounter with this game, I feel that I'll still give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars simply because I just had too much fun with the game. Just so that I didn't have to clear my saved data, I re-opened the game on a different website so that I could try different strategies running through the game again as if I was running through the game for the first time again. On a side note, when I did play RotD 2 on a different website other than Newgrounds, I did not suffer any resource heavy lag at all throughout the entire run, leading me to believe it could be a Newgrounds-specific problem with the resources.

Overall, there are some stuff here and there that could be touched up a bit and improved upon and some more variety, in terms of weapons, could have really added that nice touch to bring the game up to full force, but still, it has easily been one of the better games to play out there and I'm absolutely looking forward to (which I hope you do make) a sequel to this game. Thanks for making the game!

- Nondo