Reviews for "Harvest Mooned Vol. 1"

that was funny as hell.

lol i saw that video for the first one, when Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan were fighting the Ginyu force.
The second was funny while the 3rd one was Hilarious!!

Not really the best you came out with but it they are pretty funny. I liked the church one.

HadoukenDude responds:

Consider it a minor distraction while I finish up Four Swords 9.

Short #1: I could tell that was Vegeta from Dragonball: Abridged. He's used a lot. It was pretty funny how the joke kept going on.

Short#2: I didn't understand this one that well. I mean, I appreciate the references to "The Shining", but it seems a tad overused.

Short #3: The best of them all. I had a feeling something really bizarre was going to come out of this and I was right. You deserve tons of credit for that stinger.

I wish they could have been a bit longer, but I suppose packing shorts into one makes up for it. The voice acting was nice and I enjoyed the sprites, though I did find some of the humor to be a bit too simple. I still enjoyed it very much, but I loved the second one the most. Probably because it goes perfectly with my own experiences with the Harvest Moon series.