Reviews for "Captain Robert"

awesome i would like to see a continuation


I loved the mystery ending, how it just cuts to black. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

Fantastic story, great pixel art style and incredible to be made in 48 hours.
This is easily a 5 star game, except near the end (I think) I accidently reloaded the game, and it deleted my progress, hence minus half a star, although that can be easily solved by me being less clumsy!
Also, to the people who are complaining about there being too much to read, seriously? "I hate having to read in order to advance". Seriously?

Managed to find that just out of reach log it reads
"Wow. okay you're one clever bastard. I didn't think anybody would actually be able to get here. The fact that you got so far in the game amazes me. You're fucking awesome. Keep on rocking man. BTW press Q to fly like the freebird you are as these walls obviously can't hold you! -GK

Liked the floating mechanic, going to try the flying thing now :D