Reviews for "Captain Robert"

It really needs an ending. I had a bunch of tension built up.... and then letdown.

Is there really no ending? Or is that really the ending? Im dying. Wish there was an ending. Is there any other way to play besides opening up the door? Does opening the door going to the start screen mean that by opening the door he just starts the same shit over and over? I NEED CLOSURE! D;

I played this all the way through and the game was great even with the stander plat former the story was great but the end was bad you do all the work for nothing which in my apinon that sucked i give 3 and a half stars

I enjoyed the storyline. :) The rectangle man was a little disappointing as a character, though, lol.

But please! PM me or comment here: is it actually possible to get the glowy bit above all the green blocks? I think I spent a good half hour trying to find the passage way to it... D: