Reviews for "Captain Robert"

Very nice, considering it was made within 48 hours. The ending was a cliffhanger, of course, which gave mixed feelings, but the storyline, ominous music, and hooking complexion of the dialogue and the game itself drove me to finish it. Very great job.

Wow. Okay. You're a clever bastard for making a game with an intriguing story-line. Reminds me of of carpenters "the thing" .Man, getting that light above the green room was tricky. I was hoping it was the key for the emergency pod, and I even tried using that trick to see if you can use the escape pod that way. I was a bit perplexed by the room in the middle of nowhere too.

koe415 responds:

I'm a huge fan of Carpenter's The Thing and it was not until after I had the majority of the game complete, that I realized how similar they are. I think I just combined my favorite bits of The Thing with Solaris (another great sci-fi movie)! Anyways thanks for playing!

God damnit. I hate these kind of endings. Are there any other notes or what?
Btw how do you reach that white light in the ceiling of the greenhouse lab?

How do you reach the white light above the green room? I've searched all the secret vents i could find, all dead ends. please pm me

i don't understand if i made it to the end or not. Could someone message me and tell me the ending this is bugging me.