Reviews for "Captain Robert"

I was kind of disappointed that the game just ends. I was really hoping you find the captain in there.

Great game. Loved the simplistic, kind of representative box characters, it really forced you to use your imagination. Only two questions: What was up with that abrupt ending, and how the HELL do I get to that last collectible in the wall of the greenhouse???

I don't see how this relates to the theme of "10 seconds".

Great game! That is the deepest puzzle game I have played out of most of the Ludum Dares! Are you going to make a sequel?

Good Game. The fact that you made it just in 48 hrs or less is impressive, Very minimalistic and all, but still very good planned.

Also, for those who couldn't find the secret entrance to that white light, you just have to find further.
Or should I say "farther"?