Reviews for "Captain Robert"

I want to preface this with the fact that I haven't logged in this website in a VERY long time, but I felt the need to leave a review for this.

Simply put, I got goosebumps. After all of the puzzle pieces fell into place, I understood what had happened. I understood, and I loved it. As much as I wish I could know what truly happens afterwards, this is one of the abrupt endings in a game I can understand. The storytelling was superb, and I enjoyed every moment of being within your world.

Being named Robert myself, I had a special link with the character to begin with, albeit a small one. Even so, the simplicity and complexity of this game drives me to give the best rating possible.

Don't stop making games, or telling stories.

Managed to find that just out of reach log it reads
"Wow. okay you're one clever bastard. I didn't think anybody would actually be able to get here. The fact that you got so far in the game amazes me. You're fucking awesome. Keep on rocking man. BTW press Q to fly like the freebird you are as these walls obviously can't hold you! -GK

Liked the floating mechanic, going to try the flying thing now :D

I loved the mystery ending, how it just cuts to black. Bravo, sir. Bravo.


Wow. At first I thought, like many others, that the ending was an abrupt disappointment. But as I pieced the mystery together from rereading the notes (while attempting to find that damn final note above the greenroom (super cool, but not related to the story, if that's what you're care about)), I've come to conclude that the ending fits perfectly because you realize the inevitable fate of the captain (or should I say "captains"). It was only after I read the captain's final logs that I finally realized this. -shudders- Bravo.