Reviews for "Captain Robert"

Pretty fun game however in the green room, there is a collectable that is in the crawl space. I couldn't get that one.... dunno if that changed the game.... also, It would have been awesome if there was more of an ending to the game

I didn't care about the story causing me to skip through it and almost missed the "C" function. Also, I could have used a map... but still a fun game.

It is definitely the best horror game I ever played. I must admit I was disappointed at first, but just after a few minutes of playing I realized this game will be a unique experience. By the end of the plot, I had the same feeling as when reading the novel "Solaris" by Lem, when I was just a kid.

I'm looking forward to your next game, and sincerely I believe you deserve a Nobel Prize for game development B-)

This was the best game I've played all week!
The story was amazing.
I NEED to know what happen!

Wow! Awesome! If only you'd have made a better sprite for the Captain, i would have given 5 stars!