Reviews for "Captain Robert"

a nice game concept... though wish it would had a better ending for i looked hard and trust me i have ... i even found a flying cheat on there... it is that bright star at the corner outside the greenhouse area... saying congrats here is a cheat to fly but only works when you get to it... and it is a hike to find it but was a great game a bit easy in my taste but in 48 hrs... fine job

Is there really no ending? Or is that really the ending? Im dying. Wish there was an ending. Is there any other way to play besides opening up the door? Does opening the door going to the start screen mean that by opening the door he just starts the same shit over and over? I NEED CLOSURE! D;

This game is awesome. Love the open ending. Great mystery, especially considering it was made in 48 hours.
I think I know what happened...
But I shouldn't spoil it if I'm right.
Argh!! So good...I know I probably sound like everyone else wondering if there'll be a sequel.
Anyway. Great game. :) I would say a map would be helpful, but that would probably make it too easy. Ergo, fantastic.


I have to say, out of the 48 hours challenge games on here, this is the best one i have played so far. I HATE that there is no ending though. is there an alien in the room, is the captain actually the alien but just doesn't remember?

I THINK THE CAPTAIN IS THE ALIEN! he mutates like the alien (swollen arm) and there was a note that said the alien "had their memories but not quite." so maybe that's why he can't remember.

Great game. Loved the story, and was thoroughly creepy. Although a real ending would have been nice, I still loved it. Also, a map with all the doors would be nice.