Reviews for "Captain Robert"

Great game in every respect. It sent minor chills up my spine a time or two!

I found the easter egg in the upper left room and was deathly afraid of falling off the edge of the playable areas. I was curious but only explored the outside after I had finished the game. I had to know how it ended!

48 hours? I can't believe it. You cannot come up with such a brilliant work of art in a simple 48 hours.

Nontheless, a fantastic job. Oh and. Robert died.

I love how there are multiple possibilities for that ending, and it's left as food for thought. I think that there are two main strands after the end: 1st is that Robert finds a monster behind the door, who either kills Robert or somehow is killed by Robert. More likely the foremost. The second possibility that I can conceive is that Robert finds none other than himself behind the door and realizes that he is the monster. I realize that there is evidence against it, but I love twist endings, so I prefer to think of it that way. Nicely made. I especially love the bit where you can go outside the ceiling.

Great storytelling, forcing us to piece together the logs while still including some basic platforming to work with. That was a very rewarding secret :)

Creepy! I like games like this - but the ending......i dont know if i like it or not, i really want to know what is behind this door, im so curious it makes me crazy :D