Reviews for "Captain Robert"

Stuck after you find the two dead bodies in the orange section...no way to jump back up...

koe415 responds:

You pick up an item there and can use it by pressing 'C.' I guess I should have drawn more attention to it. Sorry about that!

This is definitely a brilliant story. It kept me at the edge of my seat even AFTER I completed the game. The explanations were so creative though incomplete. I love and hate (but mostly love) cliff hangers.

Do I need to say something other than G.G.? Yes. Hi to you too.

Ingenious and well-scripted, for a game that looks so simple to have as much depth as it does is impressive. The writer's own post mortem sums it up - it's a shame about the lack of map, lack of ending, and the misdirection about "escape". But 4.5 stars for game design and atmospherics, and an extra half-star for the easter eggs and frustratingly hard-to-collect special.

Impressive. You could make such a good story up with such simple gameplay. I liked it and hope for a second part. I was first confused who was who....