Reviews for "Captain Robert"

A little confusing a lot of areas become obsolete after first view so it's difficult to find where I'm going otherwise perfect game, big in depth and most LD games don't even have a story where you have one in depth

It reminds me fondly of Metroid.

interesting idea, but overall boring. Running and jumping up and down a level only to be able to jump higher and use diff color keys is not a game. It's a chore. I do like the idea though.

Fantastically eerie! I was nervous even though it's just a little square. Excellent use of atmosphere. Ending was a little lacking, just a bit of clarity would be nice.

Overall this is a brilliant piece of work and in just 48 hours! You are a good story teller

It was pretty difficult to find all of the journal entries, but the controls were solid and before log I was flying through the game.