Reviews for "Captain Robert"

open the door and it took me to the start screen, spoil the whole thing

I enjoyed the game, I thought it had a great atmosphere despite the visuals. I did have a problem with the ending, where as soon as I entered the storage closet the game immediately began again, I'm not sure if its a game flaw or because I was spamming x.

Either way, great game with a brilliant story, and a very creepy atmosphere.

koe415 responds:

That was indeed the ending. I tried my best to give the player all the information they needed to figure out what happened as Robert approached the door but unfortunately, the time just wasn't there. If I redo or update this game, the ending will definitely be touched up. Thanks for playing and I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the other aspects.

Compelling story. Gameplay was solid. I would definitely check out more of your work!

I played this all the way through and the game was great even with the stander plat former the story was great but the end was bad you do all the work for nothing which in my apinon that sucked i give 3 and a half stars

Nice game. not too sure about the ending but still worth an enjoyable read. Great logs, reminds me of the old system shock 2 ones.