Reviews for "Captain Robert"

ok story, the atmosphere defenitely helped drive the game... but I can't help but wonder if there's supposed to be 2 possible endings? there's a thing of interest in a location I just could not figure out how to get to... but following what was told to do by the storyline, I never got to it, so...

also, when I picked up the purple key, the music stopped... at first, I thought this was intentional, because the best way to foreshadow something ominous about to happen, to me, is to make it completely silent... but nothing. so maybe, it was a bug instead? it didn't have any music for the rest of the game after that point.

also... I am really failing to see how this had a theme of '10 seconds' ... you might have had a reference to 10 seconds... once... in the entire game, and not even a major part of the story either...

I also have to give a big thumbsup to a small thing you did... by the end of the game... you don't even know if you are you...

koe415 responds:

Haha you can definitely get to that final note but it's not easy by any means. Sorry about the confusion with the game and what your goals were. The music was half intentional/half buggy and with regards to the theme, it was way more prominent in the earlier designs. The compressed schedule of the competition made making a staple/fun game the priority and so the theme took to the back burner. Thanks for the review and I'm glad you saw past these issues to enjoy the game!

Part 2?

the ending was pretty much perfection, but i woud like to have an option to escape if i want to, that thing about the easter egg and going outside the walls of the ship its not big enough, and the model of your character should be better.

4 stars overall, great game.

This game reminded me of that Metroid game on the GBA where you feel stalked by that fake Samus. That's a good thing, since this game relies on suspense. The controls were simple, and I didn't encounter any bugs in the game, assuming that the parts where you can go out of the ship itself is part of the game (and I'm not too sure, considering the 'Hi' that can be found there).

Enough clues are left so that you can at least get a general direction of what happened, but maybe the order of clues was a bit jumbled for my liking. But what I didn't like too much was the total drop of tension when finishing the game (not gonna spoil it) just exits back to the menu. It didn't encourage me to continue immersing myself in the story, and that's what irked me quite a bit. But the fact that I was drawn into this short story shows that it was great. So 4.5/5 is my conclusion.

koe415 responds:

Yeah the ending is very abrupt and kind of leaves people confused for a bit about what just happened. I should have made it more clear what exactly transpired. Regardless I'm glad you still enjoyed it and appreciate the kind words.

And then: NOTHING! why put a cliff hanger in there? I mean all you do is move around and press for stuff to happen......