Reviews for "Captain Robert"

Cant be completed. THere is a white spot in the vents above the garden. I am searching for the escape pod key and that is the only dot left on the ship I have not gotten. The problem is there are no vents that lead to that dot. Its a nice little game, but please correct this problem.

Simple and straight forward, but the story makes you want to explore further, cannot wait to see the sequel, really want to see what's in the cooler.

awesome i would like to see a continuation

A nice, short game. I don't know if metroid was an influence while making this, but I definitely get a "metroidvania" vibe while playing this (in a good way, of course).

i really liked this game even though i'm just a white block i felt for him and his crew the ending was good also make another one dude keep up the good work!