Reviews for "Captain Robert"

really enjoyed the game. the storyline was nice, but I found the end incredibly disappointing as I opened the storage room to only have the game restart. kinda left me hanging with no closure

It definitely has potential, and I like the concept. It was done fairly well for the amount of time that you had. I also really liked the secret passages, though I'm not sure if that was exactly intentional. The notes, while nice, were too linear it seemed, in the sense that when finding peoples' writings, I always found them in the order written by the crew member. (Ex. Capt. Log 1, Capt. Log 2, Julie 1, Capt. Log 3, Julie 2...)
As for the ending, I felt it fell short. Even though I searched the ship three or more times, I never did find the escape pod key; while I feel like that it might have been an intentional choice to have the player never find it, I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't any choice for the player to not go into the storage room. As for that, I feel it was cut very abruptly, though that could be due to more me not automatically opening the door after talking to command. Also, the way the player moves felt off to me, especially once you are able to use the anti-gravity device. The way the character moves vs. jumps feels very off balance in anti-grav, and the lack of suddenly floatation when turning it on was a small disappointment. The filter used to tell you are in anti-grav is also very jarring and doesn't work well in my opinion.

There was also a note on top of the nursery that I tried to get to for quite some time, I'm wondering if it is possible to get to? I also didn't understand the random bushes (like two) floating in between the ship. Another thing about the secret passages (if that is what they are) is the fact they don't make sense in terms of the vents of the ship.

Another thing missing, though it could be an intentional decision to exclude it, was a map, or some sort of sense to the placement of the rooms. Just a more technical thing I felt was missing.

The dialogue was fairly well written as well. I hope to see you either polish this game off or take the idea and create a different game based on this. I hope this was at least somewhat helpful for you.

that was really good! i liked the "hi" floating in space by the way :P interesting story, i liked all the passages and rooms, and in general for this sort of pixel game, it was really colourful and well done! i know it was done in 48 hours, but i wish there was a little more detail in the character (he was a white rectangle) BUT! that didnt really take away from the game, thats just me. one other thing that i liked, but wish there was more to it was all the extra rooms that didnt really have a clear purpose with the story (i.e. the greenhouse) its an awesome detail for a space ship which was cool to see, but i wish there was a little more to that room than just the notes. other than that, i really liked the feel, intriguing story-line, and it was certainly fun navigating that big ship. kudos!

I thought that the gameplay and general story for this was fairly interesting. The controls worked good and I liked the overall style and the music in the game. I must say, that there was one message in the vents that I couldn't figure out how to get to. Either that or it was the pod key but, I'm kind of doubting that you programmed that in.

*Spoiler-ish below*

The one thing that I must say that I had wished for was... Well, an ending. Now, I realize that there was technically an ending, albeit something like a cliffhanger. But, I guess that the sudden shift from the click back to the title screen threw me off a bit. Anyway, I hope that you make a sequel to this if you do or just look forward to seeing work from you in the future.

i liked it, but the end was a little disappointing because it left too much open