Reviews for "Captain Robert"

This was a very eerie game, and the tense atmosphere it portrayed was simply fantastic. The ending, while unexpected, really does fit the game rather well. I couldn't help but get the feeling that, after all this time, the player was actually the creature.

After reading the post-mortem, I sincerely hope that you do decide to make a "fleshed-out" version of this game.

ending was a bit anti-climatic.

I love this game and like the simplicity!

This was a fairly simple, well-made platform game, with a matching somber tune, and it was just soooo awesome!!! The whole story was very chilling! I was always wondering when or if something was going to pop up out of nowhere, especially when the music suddenly stops!!*@*
U really did a great job with this game! Very impressive!! It’s just sad that I was really looking forward to use that escape pod… =/

Simple but effective. Vastly outdid my expectations and shows all you need for a good game is a good storyline and dialogue. Well done!