Reviews for "Captain Robert"

I agree with what Plasmarift said. Very mysterious ending!

I have to agree with Plasmarift. I would have loved to see an actual conclusion to the game, especially after I used that little secret item that you installed to scour the whole ship for any alternate exits, even going into the escape pod.

All in all a great game, but leaving the final portion so incredibly open-ended did kill it a bit for me.

Captain Robert, come in! This is Central Command. Over.

Central command, this is Captain Robert, over.

We read you loud and clear, Captain, can you state your position? Over.

Command, I appear to be outside the ship, standing on empty space beneath the vessel. Please advise.


Come in, Command.

Command here. Please clarify... did you just say you put on your space suit, went through an airlock, and went outside the ship?

Negative, command. Negative. I just jumped up through one of those black tiles in the ceiling that look like part of the background, but aren't actually solid. I appear to be accessing a part of physical space that shouldn't actually exist in this universe. Also, all of the clues are pointing at me with all the subtlety of Uncle Sam, lord Lord Kitchener and Babe Ruth riding an English Short-Haired Pointer while programming in COBOL. Tentatively suggest you scrub the mission and arrest me for murder, until we know more. Over.

This is Command. Negative, Captain. You have your orders. Wander around in space clicking on white blobs until the game lets you know what the fuck is going on. Over

Come back, Command. Are you serious? I just told you I'm obviously the murderer. I don't think I'm even in the ship at all, I think maybe I'm stuck inside this escape-pod looking room I saw along the way? It's like a metaphor for how I escaped into my own mind or some bullshit? OH, COME ON! Now I just saw a giant sign that says "Hi!" Command, get me down from here. This is stupid. Over.

... We are not reading a giant "HI," Captain. Over.

I am sending you readings of the HI right now, gentlemen. It is composed of pure Blue Pixel Alloy. It is locked in parallel orbit with the ship. It does not move when I push off from it. I am scared. Over.

Your fear is duly noted Capitan, but I'm afraid we need you to examine your own preconceptions about the media of 2D platformers and arrive at the epiphany that the people who made this game are the greatest fucking geniuses of all time. Over.

I'm sorry, Command. We must have been getting a burst of electromagnetic radiation because it sounds like you said this was a good game. It's not even *A* game. As far as I can tell it's like Super Metroid but minus all the stuff that made Super Metroid fun.


Command? You're breaking up.


Yup. Gonna just quit now, Command. Don't care how it ends. I was the killer. Whatever. Gonna shoot myself, then I'm gonna go play Super Metroid again.



An awesome game! I think I have part of the story figured out. Julie was ejected from an airlock. Andy was killed by Butler because he thought he was the monster (explaining why he had multiple stab wounds. Butler was killed by the alien (I assume since he didn't have any visible marks on him). One thing I'm not sure of is whether I was controlling Captain robert or the alien? From the last note I read of him, he was on his way to the escape pod, meaning he had the escape pod key. Perhaps the alien locked him in the storage room (which is why you can't find the escape pod key). I could be very far off base with this idea, but it is just a thought.

The only reason I didn't give you a full five stars is because I wanted to know who was behind the storage room door. I know ending it this way forces us to make our own conclusions, but I really wish I knew what you had in mind for what was behind the door.

This is a fantastic game and hard to believe it was made in 2 days. You should definitely make a sequel and spend more time working on it and add more features E.G: A map, maybe multiple choices that affect ending.