Reviews for "Captain Robert"

It really needs an ending. I had a bunch of tension built up.... and then letdown.

Way too much dialogue for the way you did this.

Masterfully told story, friend.
Really engaging, mysterious, encapsulating. I'm impressed!
...and depressed that there's no ending :(
Nonetheless, very good game.

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Great game. A few thoughts:

1. I don't know, man. The lack of a sprite just made the character more endearing to me. It's like I'm an observer of a different universe. It made me want to understand the characters more. Very effective, if you ask me.

2. The player has to have a way to know that there's nothing left to explore, but I think a map would ruin the immersion of the game. Put in a sort of progress tracker for the amount of explorable space that the player has discovered, but not including beyond the boundaries breached by the fly mode, of course.

3. The ending has to be published. A story like this is only told in flash every once in a blue moon. I had a revelation about the plot upon reading one of the logs, and it gave me shivers, man. An everyday, average story doesn't do that to me.

Keep it up.