Reviews for "Captain Robert"

Fantastic story, great pixel art style and incredible to be made in 48 hours.
This is easily a 5 star game, except near the end (I think) I accidently reloaded the game, and it deleted my progress, hence minus half a star, although that can be easily solved by me being less clumsy!
Also, to the people who are complaining about there being too much to read, seriously? "I hate having to read in order to advance". Seriously?

I gotta be honest
this was really really boring

I cant stand games where you have to read a wall of text to advance. the story of this game was incredibly simple, the conversations didnt need to be so long to convey their messages.

entertaining... to long conversations
PS: Hi

My only issue with this game is my short attention span, and my fear that it's partially incomplete due to the tight time constraints. Here's why:

There's one glistening note (in the vents, by the plants) that I couldn't find no matter how hard I tried. Believe me, I tried. It was awkward to find an extra compartment of the ship just floating in blackness, though... No notes in it? Argh.

All I want is to know either how to get that glistening event or what happens when I get to it. Preferably the first thing.

Really enjoyable game. The crew logs were creepy and helped set the tone of the game. The block character bothered me at first...for all of ten seconds and then I was absorbed into finding out what was going on and it didn't matter. The disappearance of music near the end was also really good. However...no ending? There are two basic endings I thought of just playing this game.

Overall, great game but needs an ending.