Reviews for "Captain Robert"

Awesome game! I've spent way too much time wondering if I've found a bug, or... Ha! Now, let's find key to this pod

This is a splendid game. I am spending WAY too much time at work playing it. I have explored all throughout the vents but cannot access (a) the glowing note above the green house and (b) the escape pod.

Can someone tell me how to get to either?

Joyce C.

There has been a lot of great games I've seen in Ludum Dare 27 and I've only played a few of them! This is definatley an awesome 48 hour made game, it had an interesting story and I didn't get distracted from it.

Amazingly well done! I guess I was just in the mood for a nice slow paced story / exploration game. Too bad you didn't have time to draw the main character. Was really well done over all.

The long ass story took me away from the game.