Reviews for "Captain Robert"

I haven't had this much fun with a LD game in quite some time. Good job, man! :D

My only issue with the game is, as stated before, it has no end- wait... or does it? (Dun dun duuuuunnnn)

My guess that I was playing as the alien creature all along he took the form of captain Robert. I concluded that when i read the note that said maybe the creature will not only look like me but it may also think like me and have same memories as me.
I liked the game but the ending was really disappointed for a story driven game. Just a screen that said press x to restart the game wtf?
I was hopping to get a surprise and find out the one inside the storage was actually Captain Robert and not the creature since I was playing as the creature.

It isn't easy to make a player become attached to a giant pixel man, but you managed it.

Pretty awesome game, but it really does need a conclusion and like everyone else, I still couldn't get the notes above the greenhouse and escape pod.

How to Get that Accursed Out-of-Bounds Garden Orb

Browsing through the comments to find if there was an alternate ending where you *SPOILERS* escape or not *SPOILERS* I noticed quite a few people asking how to get the one shining orb that seems to be out of bounds at the garden (the green blocks area). Here's how to get it:

1. Starting at the intersection with the escape pod on your immediate right, head left. The very first room that you come to past the grey door should have a row of five green blocks and a ceiling of blue lines. Turn off gravity and jump up through this ceiling.
2. Now walk left through the black space, jumping when necessary, and you will eventually come to a large "GK" sign floating in space above you. Right now you should be standing on the ceiling of the room where you first established communication with mission control.
3. The highest point of this ceiling is composed of a row of four brownish-green boxes. Stand on the one farthest left. Now turn gravity off and jump up, but not toward the "GK" sign. Jump toward the room above you and to the right, to land on its ceiling. You should now be above the room where *SPOILERS* you discover the bodies of Andy and Butler *SPOILERS*.
4. Now jump toward the "GK" sign to land on top of it (if you had jumped toward it from below you would have been inside the sign and not on top of it). You'll note that you cannot move farther left than the middle of the "K".
5. Jump directly up from the midpoint of the "K". You should hit the floor of a room that is floating alone in space (perhaps this was going to be used for the escape pod). Once you do, move left and you will soon hit another invisible wall. Jump directly up from here (again, with gravity off) and you will see a giant "So..." sign in the void.
6. From here simply go up and to the right as much as you are able to get past a few more invisible walls, until eventually you will pass over the top of a giant "HI" sign, again just floating in space. Go to the right of it and you will have a long drop.
7. Now move left, jumping over rooms when necessary until you come to a cyan (light blue) vertical shaft of blocks. Stand on top of this and jump up and to the left to land on a little jut of ceiling for another room. Now jump up and to the right to land on the little jut of ceiling for the garden where the elusive shining orb enjoyed taunting you from.

Pick it up, read it, and enjoy your new ability.