Reviews for "10 Second Paper Flight"

Mah Highscore is 9.92. Beat That Twats.

man this game so tricky,

Very challenging game, you try and try and think this is impossible. Then you keep watching that wind gauge and experiment, then you get that 10 sec flight!! Keep up the good games, I really enjoyed this one!!!!

For a moment there I thought this was a joke game, but there really is a way to make it, and it can be found through experimentation.

For the rest the game is pretty simple. The music is only a slight tad annoying, which puts it ahead of most flash game music.

i tried for ages and i could barely even make 5 seconds. is it even possible? maybe i just suck. all i know is, the scrolling on the grass hurts my eyes. but i enjoy the catchy music jingle and the gameplay, working with the wind etc and other things ( i got snatched by a crow! wtf?)