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Reviews for "10 Second Extreme Rocket"

simple and engaging. i really dig games that force you to focus on more than one thing at a time, and in one of the simplest ways possible, this game delivers.

Great game, good time killer too.

I gave you 4 stars (instead of 3,5) because i think if you tweak the game a little bit it can be a very addictive game.
I would, however, make the rocket tilt more and more and increase the speed more and more as you progress in the game.
Now, it's not really that hard to jump from one rocket to another, if that gets harder every time then it gets challenging.

A simple game, Simple idea, simple controls. But simple is good. I like it

Neat controls!

Really fun premise. Some obstacles at later distances would help. I actually had to kill myself to end the game. Still very neat.