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Reviews for "Pizza Pusher"

i did more the 7000 pizzas

a pretty fun game, though you should make an achievement for a crazy total amount.. maybe 1 million pizzas or something like that.
overall a pretty fun game

guys, when you get a lot of upgrades that give you lots of points (you know what i mean) read the comments for 5 minutes or so and you will have a lot of points. by the way, i like the game! its good and all, just add a max limit next time (make the max limit like 20), ok?

me like =P nice idea but if you can change the code so there are not 200 numbers appearing at the same time, could just appear the total number of the group per sec or per 5 sec

reiger responds:

Yeah, in reality I should have coded the numbers more efficiently so it was less laggy, but I didn't because I'm just starting out programming. As a temporary fix there is a number hider in the top left corner (looks like a #) that you can click to disable them.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Great game!

i refused to get any Italians to help me, they think they are so good but no anyone can do it just as good

reiger responds:

Haha, thanks!