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Reviews for "Angry Gran Toss"

Mildly entertaining, but frustrating to get enough money for the next item. Also you could try adding bonus cash for getting to a certain distance, and increase the amount of money and the distance in preset increments, such as $50 for 100m, and $100 for 200m, and so on.

Gets a little repetitive but very addicting.

Found a glitch with the first flying device. I used it right as I was about to hit the ground. Old granny went through the ground and is still going.. Played the game for about 5 mins and she's still "tunneling" through the country side lol..

What's that? It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a pokemon! No, it's granny rocket jump! Cool graphic, good programing, awesome upgrade shop, original. Keep up the good work, never stop envolving. LIKE dat PIKACHU!