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Reviews for "Angry Gran Toss"

Oh man, that awful music is gonna be in my head all day! Still, there's an option to turn it off, so I guess I won't knock that against you.

I'd expect something called "Angry Gran Toss" to at least be good for a laugh, but it isn't very funny and certainly isn't a very fun game. Toss games in general feel pointless now that Toss the Turtle has been out forever and clearly proven itself as the best there is, but any other one can still be fun if done well. Angry Gran Toss isn't done well. It's utterly riddled with slowdown, no doubt a result of the unnecessary amount of extras, and even without all the visual choppiness, it's just a sloooooow game. I never felt like I was launching Gran that far at all, even after buying some upgrades, and easily the worst part is how Gran just STOPS DEAD the minute she hits the ground. There's no sense of momentum; she should bounce around for a while, but she just goes splat and does a few half-hearted hops like a fish out of water. Very disappointing.

The game was okay. It got very boring fast and you gained money to slow.

It is fun at first, but it gets dull soon. While the music is GOD AWFUL, it can be turned off. However, when you turn it off there are no sound effects, and half the fun of this game is hearing Gran moan and groan across the level. My other big beef with this game is that the amount for a random pet is incorrect. For instance, I have 19,401 Gold and a random pet costs 11,500, but I cannot buy it. Now with 23,790 Gold, I was able to purchase the pet leaving me with 3,290. Therefore, the actual price of that pet was 20,500. Fix the outlandish and incorrect prices and make it so we can have sound effects without the stupid music, and this will be a much better game.

Also, how random are the pet purchases? Because on my third pet purchase, I got Zazzles the Siamese Cat, and that made the game too easy. For instance, I went from roughly 4,000 meters to around 50,000 meters with no other upgrades.

It was alright, the music killed it for me.

Yes it is like Toss the turtle but with more features and more glitches.