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Reviews for "Angry Gran Toss"

this is sooooooooooooo Boring :@

epic game i love these type of games

Poorly unbalanced, 20.000 feet + perfect start = 2356$ (are you kidding me?!), annoying & repetitive music, aiming is hard (crosshair should be visible all time). Sad. I know, box10 can make great games. But this one is just for mobile users, spending real cash for ingame-currency.

Ok, there's a bug in the game. I f you use the jet, and pause the game, then resume the game, the jet will go for ever, because there's a sort of bug that cancel the duration of the jet, and bring the "counter-time"at the beginning.

Maybe I was not clear, sorry about that. (from what i've seen, the game does this thing with the third propulsor, but maybe with all of them, don't know)

I beat my best by 38,000m and didn't get the best bonus. Fix the code. Has lots of potential.