Reviews for "Twisted Kingdom"

shame! triple town clone, very disappointed.

would have been more interested in a new puzzle game.

I dont even understand what im doing that tutorial was the worst good day sir.

It's ok I guess , not really my style and even if it was it would still be kinda bad that's why I'm gonna give it a 2.

This game is a game I could play to pass some time. It has some interesting gameplay (Though reading through the comments it seems to copy another game, but since I have never played it this one is new to me) I will say that it was hard that you did not describe how to make a mage or that the villager will randomly come up when using storage. Truthfully what disappointed me the most was the fact that you didn't add a description on how to get the stars. And since you repeatedly used the same one I could not tell what you wanted until further on in the game.

Three stars because it is not really new. It is just like Triple Town, except that game has better instructions on how to play. The only difference is that this has levels. There is also another game just like this on Newgrounds, except it is with animals.