Reviews for "Twisted Kingdom"

Wow, I love TripleTow..... wait a second.... I see what you did there!

Whatever. It's still cool. Whether heavily influenced, or not, by the almost mentioned app store classic, this is an awesome game too.

I like what you did with the bea.....peasants.

Amusing puzzle game that manages to be complex and simple at once. The tutorial doesn't spell things out for you, instead shows you how your actions effect the board. Everything from spawning villagers, to creating larger buildings is all done by placing the item you are given to fit a pattern. Storage later in the game allows you to put down an item for later if it doesn't fit at the moment. Offers interesting gameplay for a puzzle fan, while having very simple controls to manage. Seeing a new piece can throw you off, but the rules of the game are simple enough that it is not an issue.

One of the coolest puzzle games I've played. This will go on my favs for sure. I do agree that there could be a little bit of a tutorial but it doesn't take much to understand the system.

the tutorial is hard

Tutorial needs work, without a proper one it makes it rather frustrating and more of a puzzle within a puzzle but not in a way I would enjoy. may rate higher in the future if a proper tutorial is made but till then cant rate it highly.