Reviews for "Rockoon's Modern Strife"

It's obvious with the recent episodes and this that you are becoming way more comfortable in your animation process. You're able to do more frame by frame work in a shorter period of time while improving the quality each release. Deven's character acting, as always is fantastic. While it was a short, it was a great way to give Rockoon some character depth and development. Nice subtle way of putting that in there. It's a nice way to lead into episode 8.

nice short

Always entertained by your characters' interactions. I think they really do it for me. All the little movements. Very wonderfully done voice acting as well. Oh, and of course- the backgrounds rocked. ----- heheh.

awwww he came back. Lol when did Rockroon become.... semi serious? and did his voice change? or is he just not being hyperactive? ether way way to bring some comity back :D look forward to the turny.

It was better than I had expected at first, and the end was pretty good too.