Reviews for "Rockoon's Modern Strife"

This was some of the best voice acting I've seen in a while. And I liked the animation too. Great stuff!

Its so good i don't think you could of made it any better. Ill be looking forward to a sequal ;)

This needs to be an actual game.

Favorite of all the TOME shorts. I also like how well written rockoon is in this short. When he first debuted in the first episode, I found him somewhat generic and annoying and wasn't looking forward to other appearances of the character. after episode 4, I found his writing a lot stronger with his voice changing and quirkiness and it's put to excellent use here and Kudos to Devon Mack. Having the character having fun doing what he's doing is very enjoyable to watch and I look forward to moments like these in the tournament episodes. I also liked how the episode ends with the skater character with it being someone we know. One small thing I got a kick out of was when Rockoon acknowledged that characters have been jumping from ledges to attack players from below, something I found that became cliche, but is made into a funny joke here.

I just hope that from the tournament episode and beyond the episode can take some time away from lavendera, or atleast the rocky caverns of lavendera, because those locations are extreamly bland and it's a setting we've seen several times and I feel at this point enough is enough. If it has to be the same canyon like area, add more detail. Gradients are good at some points and I get this is a video game setting, but mix it up to add more depth to the areas. Also, maybe the characters can have a few more talking and overworld sprites added every few episodes, just to keep their movements and not seem as redundant when talking. Heck, have the characters' overworld sprites move similarly to how their talking sprites move. In the show "Garfield and Friends" one of the characters (A cowardly duck, his name I can't remember at the moment :P) had an inner-tube with his face that would change it's facial structure according to how the duck's face changed. Also, a moment that I found a bit forced in terms of humor was when the blue morphic character just became enraged out of nowhere. I know it's a minor character, but there isn't enough development or indication to that. I'd understand if the Masked guy freaked since he's the one fighting Rockoon and being taunted at, but nothing sparks the blue character's rage.

I know I've reviewed most of the episodes, but I feel that this series has the potential to be really good. Your animations before show you have a lot of potential and TOME is no exception. I feel each episode presents some sort of obvious mistake that can be overcome and many of these issues have been improved tremendously and I'm liking this direction. I also like how many people you get involved in episodes, from voice actors on the internet, to well known VA's on show and even fans can are given opportunities to get a crack at joining into episodes.

Can't wait for the tournament!

Watched it.
Loved it.
Want more.