Reviews for "Rockoon's Modern Strife"

I love TOME!
adnd the bayblade reference was funny xD
keep it up your awesome!

LOL,lucky shot my d*ck.....,also hilarious how the slime guy is the other guy,also u should make this like a spinoff series of TOME

NO HOW DID I HIT 2 FUCK. FUCK. NO. DAMNIT. ...im sorry kirb ;_;

This was great. ...I mean, as always but, ...YEAH~! Always love how you give everyone a distinct personality.

I did NOT see that coming. I wonder how long before Rockoon finds out? This tournament keeps getting more and more interesting. Keep it up, Kirb & co.

always love everything with T.O.M.E. in it, but that group rockoon was fighting was the same on as in episode one, great use of characters. getting to see everyone as the story progresses, and WHAT A TWIST!!!