Reviews for "Rockoon's Modern Strife"

i smell another add on character to the next newgrounds battle brawl game!!!! :D just look at his claws B)

Oh man, I haven't been on newgrounds for so long, when watching this video and watching the TOME series, I feel bad for ever leaving you. I've watched you since the Parody Rangers and wow, it's amazing how you've progressed so much. I'm glad you're still working on the TOME series and hope it doesn't go anywhere.

awwww he came back. Lol when did Rockroon become.... semi serious? and did his voice change? or is he just not being hyperactive? ether way way to bring some comity back :D look forward to the turny.

Im really loving the script writing and the voices . neato !

dammm! that ending blew my mind
your good