Reviews for "Rockoon's Modern Strife"

Love this serie,
but they are Hackers. They should have way more power and control.
Both over other players as over their environnements

Alot changed since than.

But this was still amazing.

I love how you guys even took Rockoon's perspective on entering the tournament.
This series gets more and more intriguing.

you made a good well its to good to say cartoon id love this to be a show i know it takes lots of time so i am not going to ask but i whant to ask about your char desine well you see i am going to ork on a game maker BUT i need a good char can you help me out like give a few animal like humon body and head paterns i am having a hard time with it i love the animay hair but cant seem to git it right....but yeah good vid i love them

hmm so his old partner teams up with him again :)