Reviews for "Rockoon's Modern Strife"

awesome as usual! keep up the good work and ROCK ON!!!

This was... actually pretty interesting.
Animation was pretty smooth, and the faces were really quite expressive.
The story was a little scattered but it picked up pretty well around the middle.
The music... was okay. A little repetitive, but then again I felt it reinforced the video game vibe.
Characters themselves were pretty interesting. I'd like this as a series, but even as a one-shot, I'm pretty happy with it.

It was better than I had expected at first, and the end was pretty good too.

LUV THIS SERIES!!!! please make more episodes :) and try to make the series come to TV that would be SO AWESOME!!!!! watch this evreyday or 1 day in a week if you are a true FAN <3
i can imagine how it would be if it was a game OMG that would be so good and yea i agree with the person under kreshin the hackers need more power

I feel that if this concept were made into an actual game... I'd play the hell out of it!! ^-^