Reviews for "Rockoon's Modern Strife"

I watched episode 8 before, and something about the way that...skater...guy...WHATEVER...spoke, and how Rockoon was a new character, made me think that it was the blob guy in disguise, so that they could enter the tournament without getting bugged by admins and such...so when I watch this episode, my thoughts were proven correct...

Well,it's certainly a good thing TOME's inhabitants know better than to trust strangers,let alone hated hackers.Rockoon is as mischievous as ever,and I should have known his opinion of TOME was the exact opposite of the TOME Hero Quintet's.Kirbopher's repurposing of certain TTA characters is certainly surprising,this being no exception.The first hacker team is back together and bound to cause trouble in the tournament.If things are already so interesting based only on the teams we know of competing,they should be phenomenal when we see who goes up against who.

This should be on YouTube :)


hah dam man i actually didnt see that coming nice