Reviews for "Rockoon's Modern Strife"

lol let it rip

didnt see that ending coming

What a twist

Coming upon this, I thought it was going to be pretty short. I guess it is short compared to the running time of the regular episodes. I appreciate the good animation and voice work as always. Dang, was "Rocko's Modern Life" a good cartoon! It seems like it was way too long since you made an episode. I remember seeing this on your own website.

I remember that guy's name was Sk8erboi. I'm not going to complain about you changing anyone's name from the previous series. I wonder if Super Mario Bros. Z (inspired by the original TTA) will be remade like this? This got me back into looking forward to the tournament saga. I'd love to see Lacksine and Dustbunny in this to see how you made them look even hotter, hee hee.

The animation is smooth, but the lip sync at some points are obviously looped. The anatomy also looked very weird at times. especially the hands.
The voice quality was great, and the voice acting was good to.
But the story was just not really something i could get into.
The last problem i have is the colors. The are kinda dull, way to basic, and the gradient backgrounds just kinda bothers me. I have never been so fond of gradient color, so maybe thats just me.

3,5/5 from me