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Reviews for "Treasure Arena"

i really like this game its fun and looks great
the lack of an offline mode or 'practice' mode is a bit annoying but its
it has HUGE lag spikes even when only playing with bots
this is my opinion if you could fix my 2 complaints that would just be dandy

Vennril responds:

Thanks! You could practice by making a private lobby for yourself. Unfortunately there's not much I can do about lag, as it depends on your connection to the server.

every time i die its impossible to respawn. it ruins the game if there is a key what is it!

Vennril responds:

That was a bug actually. You're supposed to respawn after a few seconds. It's fixed now.

US West Coast server down. Can join lobby from Europe or US East coast but cannot access the dungeon - insta-death. From Australia.

blackscreen for me...

It shows a black screen for me