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Reviews for "Treasure Arena"

A fantastic game, and addictive. It is very well executed. I would like the programmer to add a local multiplayer mode.

I recommend playing this. Highly.

Vennril responds:

Thank you!

Amazing game! You know, it is a very good basis for an actual roguelike... You could make a multiplayer dungeon crawler like this game and it would be the perfect game! Like an MMO of awesomeness!

As for problems... Well, I think the bots are a bit... too good. Ha. And I have no clue what jumping actually does for me.

More classes would be awesome.

Vennril responds:

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you're enjoying it. Jumping lets you hop over projectiles :)
And I thought about making a dungeon crawler from this aswell, heh. Can't promise anything tho ;)

One of the best games i ever played you really did a good job Vennril.
I would love to see customization of your character like new armors, helms, swords and things like that would make this game even more awesome!

Great game, all it needs is more players!

There's a glitch where it'll warp my character when I move the mouse. Other than that, it's exceptional.