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Reviews for "Treasure Arena"

There's a glitch where it'll warp my character when I move the mouse. Other than that, it's exceptional.

I gotta say this is a good game but can we have the option to lower the quality cause its a little laggy when i play so can you fix it, but then again i do have the computer COMPAQ so.....Its still awesome

One of the best games i ever played you really did a good job Vennril.
I would love to see customization of your character like new armors, helms, swords and things like that would make this game even more awesome!

Amazing game! You know, it is a very good basis for an actual roguelike... You could make a multiplayer dungeon crawler like this game and it would be the perfect game! Like an MMO of awesomeness!

As for problems... Well, I think the bots are a bit... too good. Ha. And I have no clue what jumping actually does for me.

More classes would be awesome.

Vennril responds:

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you're enjoying it. Jumping lets you hop over projectiles :)
And I thought about making a dungeon crawler from this aswell, heh. Can't promise anything tho ;)

every time i die its impossible to respawn. it ruins the game if there is a key what is it!

Vennril responds:

That was a bug actually. You're supposed to respawn after a few seconds. It's fixed now.