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Reviews for "StickMan Sam 9"

its fun,little boring,but its some what fun

io3creations responds:

It's a little different but StickMan Sam will have a few different types of adventures. :)

I like the idea. It's fun to find the layout using a paintball gun, and I think it's clever. How ever, it's not the greatest thing out there. It would be funner if you could kill the enemy with the gun, or we had unlimited ammo. Also, why did you decide to make 9, when there is no 6, 7, or 8- this is quite a change from the other stickman sam games.

io3creations responds:

Actually, there is 10 out already, so 9 a "step back".

I'm working toward the engine that can handle the things I have in mind for 5 so that's why I skipped ahead. :)

was okay. not being able to vary paintball distance was annoying.

io3creations responds:

This is probably a personal preference thingy. Originally, I did have varying distance but then found auto fire with fixed distance more useful in situations where you have to act fast.

its a k game

io3creations responds:

What is a 'k' game?

Boy, it's hard to believe ol' Sam's been around this long, isn't it? It feels like it was only yesterday that he first started shooting the living hell out of his fellow (stick)man. Odd that the series is being created in such a bizarre order (1-4, then 10, then 9?), but at least it's managed to stay fresh.

Even though the whole "the environment is invisible until you shoot it" idea has been done before, it hasn't become common enough that it's worn out or anything, so it still feels like fun. The graphics and level designs are basic, but then, "basic" has always been the series' forte. The quiet humor (like the amusingly pointless character customization and the sheer foolishness of the enemies) still hits well, and overall, this is an okay game.

io3creations responds:

Thank you! :)

Yes, certain parts of StickMan Sam series are meant to be "basic" so I can focus on the programming parts. Of course, a little humor is added in there for entertainment.